R-Stamp Certified

Our R-Stamp Certified team has the authorization to repair boilers, pressure vessels, and other pressure-retaining equipment. With this certification, our team can perform repairs  on bulk chemical trailers in compliance with the National Board’s standards, including:

Welding Repairs

When it comes to welding repairs, trust none other than the experts at Quality Repair Solutions. Our certified professionals can seamlessly repair cracks, leaks, and other forms of damage to your cargo tank, guaranteeing longevity and sustained performance. We bring meticulous care and technical prowess to every task, ensuring the integrity of your cargo tank is never compromised.

Alterations and Modifications

Need to modify your cargo tank to suit varying cargo types? Our adept team is on hand to carry out precise alterations and modifications. We tailor your equipment to accommodate any change, like the cargo you’re transporting, ensuring optimal function and safety. Rest assured, your cargo tank adjustments are in the most skilled hands at Quality Repair Solutions.

Pressure Testing

Safety and adherence to regulations are paramount in our operations. Following any repair or alteration to your cargo tank, our specialized team conducts rigorous pressure tests. This critical assessment guarantees your tank’s readiness for use, meeting and exceeding all regulatory requirements. At Quality Repair Solutions, we do not just fix; we ensure enduring safety and reliability in every repair and alteration undertaken.

Have Questions?

Quality Repair Solutions symbolizes our authorization to perform specialized repairs and alterations on boilers, pressure vessels, and other pressure-retaining equipment in compliance with the National Board’s standards.

Our Certification allows us to perform welding repairs that are in accordance with the highest industry standards. It ensures that all welding repairs, from fixing cracks and leaks to more substantial damage, meet specific, regulated criteria, ensuring the safety and durability of your equipment.

Yes, our team is not only certified to repair but also to modify your cargo tank. This allows us to skillfully modify your equipment for different types of cargo, ensuring it remains compliant with industry standards and safety regulations.

The R-Stamp Certification ensures that we conduct all pressure testing post-repair or alteration in accordance with established guidelines. This testing ensures that your cargo tank is safe to use, meets all regulatory requirements, and operates at optimal performance levels.

Absolutely! We are authorized to replace any damaged or worn-out component of your cargo tank, ensuring each replacement part aligns with the superior standards.

Yes, the R-Stamp Certification applies to all types of cargo tanks, allowing us to provide comprehensive and standardized services, ensuring each tank, regardless of type, receives expert attention and care.

The Certification amplifies the safety of all repair and alteration processes by enforcing adherence to stringent national standards. This ensures each project undertaken meets the highest levels of safety and quality, safeguarding both your equipment and cargo.

Choosing an R-Stamp Certified service provider guarantees that your equipment is handled by authorized professionals skilled in conducting repairs, alterations, and pressure testing, ensuring the utmost safety, compliance, and performance excellence of your cargo tank.